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Presentation: "Surviving as an Empath in a Tumultouous World"


Equilibrium Energy + Education
850 S. Wabash
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60605
Downtown Chicago

Date & Time:

June 3, 2019
Thursday  6:00 - 8:00pm


Do you feel like you absorb other people's emotions?
Do crowds drain or overwhelm you?
When you walk into a room, can you immediately tell something uncomfortable is happening?
Do people often tell you you're "too sensitive?"

These are all characteristics of being an empath. And if you are one, you’re probably having a very difficult time coping with the turmoil going on in the world right now and being constantly drained by other people's emotional reactions to it. There are ways to help, and in this free lecture Brent Baum, developer of Holographic Memory Resolution, will offer techniques to help you achieve emotional stability and peace of mind.

In many cases, violence or upheaval in the world can cause a reaction in an empath because of emotional disturbances in her or her past - parents who argued constantly, an abusive or alcoholic parent, bullying at school, abandonment by a loved one. Brent will explain why this happens and guide you through a mediation that can help release you from the trauma of the past that and give you greater peace of mind in the present.

If you are an empath, or know someone who is, please be sure to join Brent for this illuminating and empowering evening.


Space is limited; early registration recommended.

Cost: Free, but Registration is Required

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