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Introducing a New Approach:
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21th Annual International Energy Psychology Conference


Hyatt Regency Tamaya
1300 Tuyuna Trail
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004

Date & Time:

May 3-6, 2019


Friday Lab (May 3):  Essential Healing Languages of the Trauma Continuum: Energy, Body, & Color

Access the primary languages of energy, body, and color psychologies to effectively and definitively address memory-based pain and pathology in the bodymind. Much that we label “migraine, panic attack, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety” can be the product of unresolved memory. 
(2 CE hrs. through NAADAC - Provider No. 161015)

Monday Post Conference Workshop (May 6): Holographic Memory Resolution: The Emotional Reframing of Memory-Based Pathology

In this workshop, you will learn specific, effective interventions from somatic, energy and color psychologies that can reduce the impact of memory-based pain and pathology. Our goal is not to change the past, but to help our clients transform the painful, emotionally charged manner in which it holds them captive.
(3 CE hrs. through NAADAC - Provider No. 161015)

Information and Registration:

21th ACEP International Energy Psychology Conference

Contact Info:

Brent Baum
(847) 372-8894