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  "A Diagnostic Alert"   ( 5/01/99 )

In this article we examine some important considerations in understanding the relationship between memory and “disease.” Much that is so easily labeled illness is the shadow of memory imprinting in the bodymind. When we “emotionally reframe” certain experiences and bring light to these moments of pain, we discover that they often diminish and may even resolve when the flow of consciousness is fully restored.   more...

  "The Invitation of Memory: Grasping our Power"   ( 9/15/99 )

This article is an effort to address the confusion about the healing challenge that we all face. The scope of Holographic Memory Resolution® and the new information about the functioning of the nervous system indicate that we are all alive today precisely because of our “built-in” ability to freeze and store memory: to disassociate from our pain. This function of the autonomic nervous system in conjunction with the endocrine system allows us to survive the most overwhelming moments of our lives, storing our most negative feelings/affect within our holographic perception until we are ready or able to deal with it.   more...


The following “newsletter,” composed in two parts, holds reflections arising out of urgent need and in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th and was intended to offer hope and facilitate coping with the various triggers emergent in the aftermath of these events. This unparalleled tragedy impacted us personally and collectively in ways that mandate an updated understanding of trauma and its influence on the psyche. The invitation to embrace the new healing paradigm is imminent with the expanding repercussions of these events and the degree of societal and psycho-spiritual dissociation they reveal. New strategies arise under such duress and afford us opportunities for personal and societal transformation.

Part 1: "Coping With Personal And National Trauma"

Part 2: "Safety Is First Created Within Oneself”

  An Initial Reflection On The Escalating Emergence Of Sexual Trauma In The Catholic Church ( 12/2002 )

This article emerged after repeated requests from victims, families, parishes, communities, and clergy seeking to understand the presence and disclosure of sexual abuse and related patterns of repression and trauma within and to the Catholic church community. The need for a more comprehensive paradigm of healing which can assist us in understanding the subconscious impact of trauma on decision-making and moral development has been evident for some time. After working with thousands of trauma survivors, these dynamics reveal the need to update our understanding of the psycho-spiritual impact of trauma. This paradigm emergence is imminent and necessary; the shift is timely and appropriate.     ...more

  Reframing the Original "Fall" ( 11/2007 )

In this article I draw upon my experience as an archaeologist, scripture professor, counselor, and trauma specialist. Even in the ancient texts do we find a great deal of attention directed to understanding the origins and experience of our separation from ourselves and from Source. These lessons speak to the wisdom inherent in our nature that offers us the remarkable opportunity to gain mastery of our states of consciousness. In the genius of our design we discover the capacity to clarify our decision-making and manifest the Edenic existence that comes with the dissolution of shame and dissociation: the by-product of trauma imprinting in our personal and collective evolution.    ...more