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HMR Practitioners

Finding an HMR practitioner who is right for you is important. HMR is practiced by neurologists, physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, nurse practitioners, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, psychotherapists, certified addictions counselors, ministers, educators, sports psychologists, professional fitness trainers, personal coaches, body workers, and energy workers.  The effective application of HMR and its various components is, in actual practice, the responsibility of the practitioner and should conform to the legal requirements and limitations as stated in the license/certification acquired in the state and country of practice.

If you are interested in HMR, you may search this Directory of graduates who have completed formal training or have equivalent training in HMR. This Directory listing is provided as a public service for those interested in HMR.  All information contained herein is supplied by the practitioner.  The Healing Dimensions certification indicates that the candidate has reached a level of proficiency in employing the specific skills of HMR by the time of certification and has fulfilled all training requirements.

Since HMR is usually practiced in combination with another license or certification, Healing Dimensions does not certify the ability or skills level of persons who take its courses, nor how it is integrated into the broader practice.  Neither does Healing Dimensions ACC require supervision of their work after certification or have any knowledge of their experience or training beyond the completion of the coursework.  Healing Dimensions represents only that the persons identified have completed one or more of its training programs or have equivalent training experience.  By using this Directory, you agree that Healing Dimensions shall have no liability for the actions of the practitioner you choose or the effectiveness of any treatment you may receive. Hybridization can reduce the effectiveness of HMR.  Please indicate your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions by clicking the "I Accept" box below.

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