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Committed to Reducing the Presence and Impact of Trauma in our World

Introducing a New Approach:
"Holographic Memory Resolution®"
For The Emotional Reframing of Memory

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This is the final training in the curriculum for "Holographic Memory Resolution®."   This training is open to both professionals and non-professionals -- particularly those individuals interested in "Integrative Medicine" and "Energy Psychology."  In this workshop, Brent Baum, developer of HMR, builds upon the skills developed in the Level 1 & 2 training.   Advanced skills and approaches are taught which address the various levels of complexity on the trauma continuum.  This workshop provides a profound understanding of and facility with the complexities of trauma induction and resolution.   Based on his work with trauma survivors, Brent's pioneering work led to his involvement with survivors of the Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA Senior Staff working with the Flight 800 crash in New York, and the rescue personnel and survivors of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks.   Dr. Andrew Weil has referred his medical residents to observe Brent in his application of this remarkable new body-centered, client-centered modality.   The hallmark of HMR is the empowerment of the client's own "Healer Within."

All HMR workshops are open to both professionals and non-professionals alike.
Professional practice under their respective credentials, licenses,
and certifications with respect to their state of practice.
Continuing Education Units available as NAADAC Provider 16105

Level 3 (Advanced Training)
November 11-13, 2022 Online Training Course Level 3