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Committed to Reducing the Presence and Impact of Trauma in our World

Introducing a New Approach:
"Holographic Memory Resolution®"
For The Emotional Reframing of Memory

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2023 Event and Training Schedule

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March 23-27 Annual Retreat (Houston, TX) Retreat to be held in Houston, TX (Waiting List available) For More Info
March 27-28 Research Presentation (Houston, TX) Presentation of latest research study along with discussion For More Info
April 23 Presentation Online Presentation (Zoom)
HMR as a Parenting Skill: Using HMT for
Anxiety, Migraines, and Trauma with Children
For More Info
May 4-6
Level 1-2 3-Day In-Person Training
Private Sessions on May 7
For More Info

To Be Rescheduled
July 20-22 Healing Intensive 3-Day In-Person Workshop
Private Sessions on July 23
For More Info
Aug.18-20 Level 1-2 Level 1 and 2 - Zoom Online Training For More Info
September 10 Presentation Online Presentation (Zoom)
From Trauma to Presence: Awakening to the Holographic Mind (Higher Self)
to Release our Trauma Attachments
For More Info
October 6-8 Healing Intensive 3-Day Online Workshop (Zoom)
This is mainly for those outside of the US
For More Info
November 9-11 Level 3 Advanced Training 3-Day In-Person Training
Private Sessions on November 12
For More Info
Online Training : www.hmrtraining.com
Level 1: $250 - Online Video (12 CEU)
Level 2: $250 - Online Video (12 CEU)
Level 3: $500 - Online Videos plus Ethics and Certification Info (24 CEU)

Note: Supervision and Mentoring are available online or by phone.
Monthly free Zoom Supervision on the 2nd Wed. of each month at 5pm MST.

Healing Dimensions/Brent Baum is an approved NAADAC Provider (#161015),
which includes NBBC and NASW.