Healing Dimensions ACC
Committed to Reducing the Presence and Impact of Trauma in our World

Introducing a New Approach:
"Holographic Memory Resolution®"
For The Emotional Reframing of Memory

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This three-day group process is designed for a group of 8-10 people who are committed to their personal healing journey. The strategies taught or employed include: (1) Memory Mapping, a process to help you locate and release the memory blockages that foster disease and create obstacles to success and serenity; (2) Holographic Memory Resolution®, an expedient process that teaches you to reframe and release memory from the cells and fields of your body; (3) The Resonance Effect, whereby your self-healing process becomes accelerated and sustained by the "feedback" effect and the sharing of traumatic experiences and memories within the safety of the group, and (4) Internal Resource Development, including exercises to enhance safety and ego strength, methods for processing memory sequences and identifying strategies to create desired life changes, and techniques to help you release trauma imprints and maintain balance in life. This workshop is open to anyone interested in personal healing.

The "Healing Intensive" is a requirement for those interested in Certification in HMR.
Continuing Education Units available as NAADAC Provider 16105

Healing Intensives
July 20-22, 2023 3-Day In-Person Healing Intensive
October 6-8, 2023 3-Day Online Healing Intensive