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One-Day Retreat - Guidance and Resources for Nurturing, Clearing, Grounding, and Protecting the Healer Within


Live Streaming Online Retreat Presentation (Zoom)

Date & Time:

August 14, 2022
Sunday - 9:00am - 5:00pm CST
Lunch Break - Noon -1:00pm


Whether you are a "professional" or unintended caregiver, therapist, natural empath, or mystic, we have all been prone to feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm with the energetic bombardment that has occurred over the last few years. Your luminosity is greatly needed and the practice of mindfulness and present-time living essential if we are to remain a loving presence to others and ourselves! Burnout and "vicarious traumatization" through exposure to the pain of others while we are already in a vulnerable state reduces our contribution and increases our vulnerability to surrounding stress and trauma.

Wonderful and readily available exercises and resources will be introduced in this workshop to help nurture, cleanse, ground and shield ourselves in these uniquely challenging times. Identifying vulnerabilities, healing boundary breaches, strengthening your "re-parenting" to heal the past, discharging the accumulated body of grief, and restoring the flow of Infinite Light that is impaired by stress, anxiety, trauma and disconnect with be the focal points of our one-day retreat. Your presence is needed in our world.


Cost: $120

Registration Info:

For Registration, please contact:

Denise Gastellum (National HMR Coordinator)
(520) 631-6611