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Level 1 and 2 - Zoom Online Training


Live Streaming HMR Zoom Workshop

Date & Time:

June 24-26, 2022
Sat. and Sun. - 9:00am - 5:00pm CDT
Lunch Break - Noon -1:30pm


This 3-day workshop combines Level 1 and Level 2 training in trauma imprinting and techniques for resolution.

In Level 1 you will learn the following: awakening to the profound impact of trauma on personal and collective evolution, an understanding of the principles of trauma induction and storage in your body-mind, methods for gaining safe access to memory without abreaction or re-live, “clean-language” principles for gently accessing and reframing your memories, and breakthroughs that support the successful “emotional reframing” of the content of memory.

Building on the “clean language” interventions taught at Level 1, you will learn to recognize and address more complex, reinforced patterns of stress, anxiety, and trauma imprinting in Level 2. When trauma is reinforced over time or becomes repetitive, the holographic nature of memory results in a blurring and accumulation of experiences that imprint in an archetypal or collective manner in the subconscious mind. These accumulations of overwhelming moments (parts, subpersonalities) enable you to consolidate pain and enable broader interventions to address entire patterns of trauma and abuse from you or your client's history.

In in workshop, you will gain an understanding of the impact of complex PTSD, cultural trauma, disease patterns, subconscious family role assignments, addictions, and many other forms of trauma imprinting. Both professionals and non-professionals alike can benefit from this level of training.


Cost: $500 (Audit: $200)
Continuing Education Units available as NAADAC Provider 16105

Registration Info:

For Registration, please contact:

Denise Gastellum (National HMR Coordinator)
(520) 631-6611

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Available to attendees who complete the course:
6 months free access to both Level 1 and 2 Course at www.hmrtraining.com

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