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Newsletter January 2014

My Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      Thank you for your patience and endurance as we have striven to bring HMR forward and deliver it to the various populations in need. Your support and encouragement are deeply appreciated. With the advent of this new year, I am delighted to let you know about some important developments in the delivery of HMR. As you may have noted, I am not an advocate of continuous media bombardment and sensory overload, so that our announcements and newsletters only come to you in a timely manner worthy of your attention. As of January, 2014, we have forty-four certified HMR Practitioners working diligently to bring this work to those seeking healing from all forms of memory-based pathology. I have always stated that when we hit one hundred certified practitioners, we will begin an international conference to share HMR resources and applications. We have over a thousand individuals in training at this time, including neurologists, psychiatrists, physicians, naturopathic physicians, osteopaths, nurse practitioners, social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, hypnotists, energy workers, art therapists, and spiritual counselors/ministers. We have many retired individuals training in HMR who simply offer the service on a volunteer basis to their local communities and churches.

       Increasing interest from various medical and professional organizations has led us to make some exciting changes in our avenues of delivery. The first of these is the Revision of our Website (www.healingdimensions.com) to make it more accessible and resource-friendly for those seeking information, workshops, sessions, and training in HMR. The user-friendly interface will expedite access and acquisition of what our practitioners and visitors need. The second announcement of the completion of my New Book: Surviving Trauma School Earth. Wisdom seems to come with practice, so that this latest book includes simplified, practical information, exercises (including Reparenting, Integrative Consciousness Model, Boundary Visualization Exercise, an Energy-Based Weight Loss Exercise, Heart Meridian Map, and Somatic Cueing Diagram) to enhance client and practitioner use of HMR. This book comes as the ideal introduction to HMR and with a focus on personal application to enhance your personal and/or professional practice. It is an excellent resource for your clients seeking deeper grasp of the basics of HMR! Along with the overhaul of the website is the dramatic Remodeling and Expansion of our Online Store and the conversion of all of our materials to easily downloadable, affordable, e-book formats: Kindle, Nook, and iBooks versions for all three books and the audio-file/MP-3 versions for the CD Set. All of these are available (shortly if not immediately) through our online store.

And finally, after seven years of development, I am pleased to announce that we have a working version of the internet-based Memory Mapping Program and basic client HMR Session data-management software available (release date March 21) for updated certified practitioners. I have used the software for over a year with clients and recently received approval to use it at Miraval as well. With this secure, HIPAA compliant database, we elevate the quality of therapeutic practice with the option to record all session memories, memory sequencing, and site locations in the body with options for later participation in research and follow-up. Note our Revised Schedule of 2014 events on the website as well. Note the addition of a “Couples’ Healing Intensive.” It looks to be an exciting year with some new opportunities for media expansion and education. Thanks for all your support! Sending you light!