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Introducing a New Approach:
"Holographic Memory Resolution®"
For The Emotional Reframing of Memory

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ELIGIBILITY:  Both professionals and non-professionals are invited to train in Holographic Memory Resolution®.  Whether you are interested in using the technique professionally or personally, formal supervision and training in HMR can be provided.  Some individuals in the medical field (e.g. MD's, NMD's, RN's, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, etc) have prior credentialing which allows for the full implementation of HMR, as also with Polarity therapists, pastoral counselors, and certified hypnotherapists.  Pastoral Counseling certification is available through affiliated churches.  Traditional therapists (Psychologists, MSW's, CADC's) can immediately integrate HMR into their preferred modalities.  Relevant state, legal, and professional requirements must be, nonetheless, respected as with the practice of any therapeutic modality.

TRAINING:  Training is provided in three 3-day workshops: Levels One and Two (combined into a 3-day workshop or available online), the "Healing Intensive" Practicum (a requirement for certification but open to all interested in personal healing; this workshop involves the observation of HMR and the personal experience of the technique within an 8-12 person group therapy dynamic/process), and  Level 3 (the 3-day advanced training workshop which also be available online as of Jan. 2019).   Levels One, Two, and Three correspond to the three distinct levels of the Trauma Continuum that have been identified in our work with trauma survivors.  For details referred to the HMR description of each training level. Certificates of Attendance are available for each workshop level, but formal certification requires the completion of all certification requirements, including supervision, documentation of case studies, and formal review before HMR certification is awarded.  (See below for details).

CERTIFICATION:  Certification in HMR requires the completion of three workshops, submission of the "Application for Certification", payment of the processing fee, documentation of 90 completed memories with 1 hour of supervision per 10 successfully reframed memories (9 hours total of group or individual supervision).  An oral or written exam follows completion of all case work.  In addition, one case may be presented for detailed review at Level Three.  Certification requires demonstration of all HMR skills.  Ten hours of personal trauma resolution (HMR) work are also required (the "Healing Intensive" accounts for 5 of the 10 hours).

SUPERVISION:   Supervision is currently provided by Brent Baum, Jeanie Bein, Gail Furlan, Essie Hull, Judy LeFevour, and Karen Lewis. Group supervision is available in some localities.

LOCATIONS:   Level One and Level Two training has occurred in AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, GA, IL, LA, MI, MS, MN, NH, NJ, NM, NY, TN, TX, VA and WA in the USA. Outside of the USA, training has occurred in Canada, England, Japan, and Panama.  The number of participants required for a workshop varies by country of presentation.  A minimum of 15-20 is required in the USA.

FEES:   The cost of the workshops varies by country, but is not intended to be prohibitive.   Student rates are also available.  For inquiries regarding dates, fees, availability, current rates, etc., see information below:

Contact Information:

    Brent M. Baum, STB, SSL, CADC, LISAC, CCH
    5675 N. Camino Esplendora  #6137
    Tucson, AZ 85718

    Phone: (847) 372-8894